Make Me

Make Me by Lee Child

Mr. Google tells me that Make Me is the twentieth novel in the Reacher series.

I’ve been skipping around the series, and this is, maybe, the eleventh Jack Reacher novel I have read. No worries if you’re new to them and go out of order … they’re all fully functional as stand-alone tomes, too.

And, every time I read a new one, I think to myself: Wow, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Then I read the next Jack Reacher, and it happens again. And, so on, and so forth.

The action is nearly non-stop in this high tempo thriller, arguably the best in the series (see above, ha ha). It all begins with a random stop in the town of Mother’s Rest.

Mother’s Rest? Why’s it named that?

When Reacher hops off the train to find out, he meets a girl, and encounters more than he bargained for.

But he’s Jack Reacher. Just another day at the office of hard knocks. Heck, even his mother calls him Reacher. He’ll wake himself up at 4:33 a.m. on the dot and take care of things.

He’s not a hero in the classical sense, but Reacher’s rigid internal code, sense of justice, and random curiosity thrust him into a lot of situations where he plays the role of the sort-of hero. His morals are slightly out of sync with society, but it works.

As always, the writing and story are fantastic and sharp.

Best Reacher novel yet … until the next one.

Review: Revelation

Robert Parker’s Revelation by Robert Knott

That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? And is it really Robert Parker’s Revelation or Robert Knott’s?

This was my first taste of the Robert Knott “fan fiction” continuance of Robert Parker’s characters Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch. As with any review, this is simply my opinion.

I thought it was decent, and I can understand why someone wants to continue the series.

When Robert Parker first published Appaloosa more than a decade ago, I felt like he’d captured something magical and revitalized the Western. It was different from the Spenser series, and yet, familiar enough to make it feel like I was coming home. I thought those four novels were truly something great. And timeless. He wasn’t chasing what’s en vogue; he was writing something special.

While Knott’s interpretation of the characters and setting is okay, I think it falls flat when compared to how this series began. Some of the dialogue felt a little forced. The plot involved a few situations that were somewhat outside the odds of probability, enough to leave me wondering versus being engrossed.

If you’re a fan of Western novels, I think you’ll find enough to keep yourself entertained. But if you are expecting the magic that Parker created, this isn’t it. I’m debating whether I should read the others by Knott–this wasn’t bad–but I suppose I am disappointed because it’s not great, either. I think the author should create his own characters and series (if he hasn’t) and see what happens versus living in Parker’s significant shadow.

3/5 Stars

You can check it out on Amazon by clicking the cover:

Just Speculating: A Review

Geoff Sturtevant is back with another trio of awesome shorts in his book, Just Speculating.

True to the Sturtevant style, each tale offers a penetrating view into humanity, opening the doors that people usually keep shuttered tight from prying eyes, and doing so with razor-sharp dialogue and a healthy dose of (sometimes) dark humor.

The human struggle is layered … beautiful at times, wretchedly ugly at others, and so often with an undercurrent of humor. The author captures it, clear and true. This is our struggle, with curlers in its hair, and without its make-up on.


If you’d like to check it out on Amazon, just Click the Pic!


Saturday is my favorite day of the week. Always has been.

But FRIDAY is the day that heralds the coming of Saturday. It’s sort of like the pre-Saturday. The trumpets playing proudly. It should almost be considered part of Saturday.

The opposite of that, of course, is that Sunday evening is the pre-Monday. Monday being the dreadful wolf of the apocalypse. Just thinking about Monday makes me shiver a little bit. Even now that I’m retired from the Air Force and without a traditional job, Monday is still cringeworthy. (I do drive my kids to school, so there’s that…)

My latest book launched on Tuesday, so it’s been a busy week, but an excellent one. I’m ready for a little R&R.

Glorious Friday and Saturday…

Bring it on. I’m ready.

Free Book Alert

Hello Word Lovers,

There are about 80,000 words in FLUKE, just waiting to be devoured by you and all of your friends.

FREE through March 15th.

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Kane and Lucy

Meet Kane and Lucy in this brief excerpt from … THE BENDS:

“You look like the genie in I Dream of Jeannie,” Kane told her. “With the blonde hair and the ponytail…”

“Who’s that?”

He groaned. “Oh, my God … you don’t know I Dream of Jeannie?”

“Is it on Netflix?”

“What the … Netflix? What is it with everyone and Netflix?”

“Netflix and chill,” Lucy said. “That’s what they say now.”


“Everyone.” She shrugged and smiled. “Everyone born in the last thirty years.”

Coming soon

Readers will have the opportunity to meet Kane Montgomery soon.

Kane is sort of like a cross between Roland Deschain and Longmire. Sort of, but not exactly. He’s a little more modern. Plays the guitar. Has some secrets of his own…

Find out more about Kane on March 14th.

Pre-Order The Bends: 99¢

Hello Friends,

Just a quickie to let you know that The Bends is coming out on March 14th! And, f you pre-order it, you can grab it for less than a buck.

I’m super excited, and I hope that you are, too!

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Hope you’re having a great night, despite the fact that Monday is looming just a few hours away.

“Sounds like someone’s got a case of the Mondays!”

Take care,



Top Ten: TV Shows

That’s right, it’s what you’ve all been waiting for …

Another TOP TEN list. Cue the sound effects. Maybe a race car engine. Or the Miami Vice theme.

For whatever reason, this is one of the least difficult Top Ten lists I’ve created, though it would be very difficult to truly “rack and stack” them, or as the Air Force people say … “stratify” … these  delectable morsels of American entertainment.

So I’m going to take the easy road and just say they are in no particular order.


#10 – The Cosby Show

Classic! I don’t know if the stuff that’s happening with old Bill right now is true, but his show was a wonderfully wholesome addition to my childhood. The Huxtables rocked.

#9 – Sons of Anarchy

The grungiest entry into my elite Top Ten. I became addicted and knocked out the whole series in just a couple of months on Netflix.

#8 – Three’s Company

Wow, what would life have been like without Jack Tripper, Janet, and Chrissy, and all of their ridiculously misunderstood scenarios? Jack was quite the lady’s man back then – what? John Ritter? – and he was always talking about his Bistro.

#7 – Family Ties

Michael J. Fox is the man. I can still sing every word to the theme music. Don’t hate.

#6 – Fresh Prince of Belair

Funny, funny, funny. Will Smith is one talented dude. Yo homes, smell ya later!

#5 – The Walking Dead

Okay, yeah, I even have a zombie show in my favorites. Weird how that happened.

#4 – Chuck

Chuck and Sara are television’s most awesome couple. What a great show. Who doesn’t like it when the geek prevails as the hero?

#3 – Scrubs

I remember watching this religiously on AFN while we lived in Germany. Overall, a phenomenal cast that really came together and made something special. JD, Turk, Elliot, Dr. Cox, and the Janitor. Amazing. All of the 80s injects were just icing on the cake.

#2 – Longmire

The most recent addition to my favorites. I’ve always been drawn to people defined by a rigid moral code. It doesn’t always have to equal what society believes is right. Great show. Great dialogue. Longmire rules.

#1 – Seinfeld

The king of television shows, the show about nothing. This could possibly be my numero uno, overall. You can sit down and watch any episode, any time of year, and it’s funny and smart. Smart funny. I saw this shirt on Amazon … click it and buy yourself one. You’ll be the envy of the town.

And, that’s it! Another fine day of memorializing my favorites. Survivor probably would have made the list, except I decided to exclude the reality stuff.

#11 – #17: Survivor, Cheers, Brady Bunch, Facts of Life, Night Court, Married with Children, and Everybody Loves Raymond

Happy Reading & Happy Writing,


PS – Coming Soon: THE BENDS! Images are of my proof copy. Release date TBD. What do you think of the cover?

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